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Sly Gazabo 12"

Image of Sly Gazabo 12"


Forthcoming as the inaugural release on Archie Pelago Music, this next highly anticipated record paints a complex vibrant world where house rhythms meet interpolations of juke and footwork, while maintaining the uniquely Archie Pelago sound that listeners have come to admire of the trio.

The A sides features melodic DJ friendly tunes with Avocado Roller and In The Room, two happy and intelligent songs that could easily be the soundtrack to your summer drive up the California coast. On the B side we find the title song, Sly Gazabo, a 15 minute 'opus magnum' that takes the listener down an unsettling sonic journey deep into the rabbit hole. The final track on the B side is Nancy's Library, is a fitting palette cleanser that's mysteriously ironic to the emotive response of the former, truly the light at the end of the tunnel. The cover art was meticulously designed by Calvin Ho, of Atomic Attack! fame and printed on Black, White, and Silver ink. The Sly Gazabo EP is Archie Pelago's most complete release to date -- an instant collector's piece for any true fan of their work.

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